Why Marketers NEED To Be Aware of Advancing Technology

Why Is Technology CRUCIAL in Marketing?

Technology is continuing to change the way we receive, interpret and react to the slew of information that bombards us on a daily basis. For persons working in the arena of marketing, it is not a sensible option to sit back and watch the advancing technology with mild curiosity or worse, a detached interest. You need to get stuck right in and learn, in depth, how the field is moving, or at least, keep one eye on marketing news. For those who choose not to heed this warning, the simple fact is – you’re in danger of being left behind, either in terms of a lack of competitive advantage, or worse, your business could be left high and dry if you rely on technology that becomes outdated or superseded. Technology is like a rally car accelerating, taking sharp turns and jumping bridges boosted with nitrous oxide canisters! It is not a classic car, coasting along a gentle slope on a Sunday afternoon by a retired pensioner with leather gloves. Readers – TAKE HEED! In our present age of ever changing technology, it is necessary to stay updated by knowing EXACTLY what changes are happening and how those changes can influence your business. Some of the most recent advancements in technology that could influence your marketing are:



Mobile Technologies

(The applications of mobile technologies are far too vast to be covered  in this post, so we will cover them in future articles)

Responsive web design is becoming more popular in the marketing world, due to the evolution and shift towards shift towards small-screen optimization. The most important bit of this advancement is the ability of users to easily move from a call to action in an email to the landing page without slowing down browsing speed or getting distracted by distorted contents. In April 2015, Google brought in a new change to their algorithms for ranking websites. For those people with websites not optimised for use on mobile phones, their websites simply will not rank in the same way as they would do without optimisation. Google is very clever at working out these details. The change are continuing still – more than 50% of people using the internet use their mobile phones for browsing. Again, Google knows this. Ever herd of accelerated mobile pages, or AMP pages? If not, you better find out – quick..! The importance of search engine optimisation is also a critical factor for website positioning. It used to be SEO was offered by website design companies only as a service addition, but now, new businesses specialising in SEO services only, such as the flashy-coloured PageReign in the UK, are springing up in countries where it has traditionally been given less attention.



Big Data and the Internet of Things

Technology is great for marketers because of its ability to collect consumer information, even without their knowledge. Marketers know how to make changes to their content, products, and services so as to improve the general consumer and commercial experience. Technology has recently been introduced, combined with clever design, to aid email marketer to build email lists of clients without them having to directly give it in response to outright requests. This is extremely valuable, as everyone knows that a large email list if an extremely valuable commodity



Faster Everything

Studies have shown that the average speed required for retail websites to load today is seven seconds, which is four seconds more than the ideal speed. To stay ahead of the competition, there is a dire need for faster loading times as retailers lose billions due to slow loading speed. Also, because of the convenience that technology creates in every area, there is a greater need for faster turnaround and immediate service in commercial businesses. Consumers are lacking the patience to wait for their goods and services. If you fail to deliver on time, they will go elsewhere.  Amazon is investing huge amounts of money in developing new delivery methods. Even drones are now being considered as future delivery methods. Next day delivery may end up becoming next hour delivery!


Global Reach

Big businesses are very keen on expanding into relatively untouched markets, and are even working with scientists to create low-flying satellites that can deliver fast and affordable broadband to all places, including third-world countries. Who knows – might not be much longer until we see a big-breasted blonde, holding a bingo card or new type of shampoo with avocado and mint, completely superimposed onto the face of the moon?


Cultural Outreach

It is important to keep abreast of the fact the world is becoming smaller, and technologies reserved for affluent, western cultures are seeping into all corners of the planet. It\s not just about knowing the numbers of other markets, it is important to understand different cultures to learn their customs, social views, economics, religion, and more. With an understanding of the culture, it is much easier to devise a targeted marketing plan for your audience. For instance, adult consumption of cow’s milk is bizarre and even taboo in many cultures. Therefore it wouldn’t be wise to try to market your cow’s milk-derived products in such places.


Larger Focus on Marketing

The population is constantly growing. While new markets arise, it is also true that existing markets can get squeezed and become more competitive. As such, it is estimated that marketing budgets are going to rise significantly faster than recent years. Therefore, learning new technologies or employing others  who relevant expertise in technological advancements will be the best thing you can do to ensure your marketing department is up to date, and it is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors.